On The Move: A Collection of Portable Dance Installations

This two-year project features site-specific live performances combined with multimedia presented in North Carolina during 2017 and 2018 and culminated with three site-specific performances in Florence and Pompei, Italy in June of 2019. The first installation, Swinging on a Benchwas performed at the Graham Cinema in Graham, N.C. The second installation, Magnolia, was performed on the Elon University campus in Elon, N.C. The two dance installations in Florence, Italy Dance in the Rose Garden and Avant Garden were created specifically for and on site at the Giardino delle Rose iconic garden and Orti DiPinit Community Garden. Pompei Pop-Up was the final installation in Pompei, Italy. The dance installations consider how art, bodies, theatricality, somatic identity, architecture, and the environment can be uniquely combined to create visually stimulating and thought-provoking dance. The dances are portable, meaning they are performed in a multitude of site-specific locations. Lauren is particularly invested in a method dance theorist Rosemary Candelario defines as the "choreography of immersion...a process of diving deeply and actively into another environment. Immersion suggests being absorbed into and kinesthetically engaged with another element, with the possibility that the process may transform both the bodies and the site." 










Somatics in Action: Core Activation

Lauren taught this workshop on core activation and the relevance of core awareness for dancers at the 2018 International Association for Dance Medicine and Science in Helsinki, Finland. There are six sections of the Somatics in Action floor barre and this workshop focused on the third section: core, abductor, and adductor strength. The session was comprised of mindfulness explorations, ten exercises that focused on core, abductor and adductor strength, and the anatomical reasons for the exercises being taught. All too often, movers gloss over this important step in their preparation and miss the opportunity to utilize deep core connection as a wellspring of strength they can draw from. The session was geared toward professional dancers, dance educators, dance clinicians, and dance scientists and was designed to assist the dancer in achieving optimal core strength and body-mind engagement. 


Somatics in Action: Dance Ireland Residency

Lauren spent two days in residency at Dance Ireland in Dublin, teaching the complete six-part Somatics in Action Floor Barre. Somatics in Action is a Pilates, yoga, and dance inspired movement system that helps movers achieve optimum strength, skeletal alignment, and body-mind engagement. Somatics in Action is also a philosophy based on the belief that contemplation and action can co-exist in a moving body. The six-part floor barre consists of: opening body scan and breath connection; pelvis alignment, activation, and hip rotation; core, abductor, and adductor strength; hamstring and gluteal strength; poses flexion; and cross-lateral fluidity and full body connection. The two-day workshop was specifically geared toward professional dancers, dance educators, and movement specialists. 

Somatics in Action: 

A Mindful and Physical Conditioning Tool for Movers

Published in 2017, Somatics in Action details the unique movement theory and practice developed by Lauren. The book blends yoga, Pilates, experiential anatomy, body integration and imagery into a comprehensive, rigorous and creative pedagogical tool for educators and dancers. The textbook outlines how dance, movement, yoga and Pilates educators can incorporate this technique into their teaching and curriculum. The book provides thoughtful and nuanced explanation of the technique, specific movement sequences as well as detailed lesson plans and assignments that can be implemented immediately into a university or other curriculum. The book can be used in any somatic-based class (yoga, Pilates, dance conditioning), in modern dance technique courses and also in creative movement curricula. To read a review of the book, click here. For more information and to purchase the book, please visit Handspring Publishing.